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Jan 21 2013

Smile! Details revealed for Alton Towers’ latest coaster

Details have been announced for Alton Towers’ new rollercoaster, set to open in May.

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Oct 17 2012

Key statistics for ‘Secret Weapon 7′ announced

Alton Towers have published more information about their upcoming £18 million thrill attraction.

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Aug 22 2012

The Sanctuary welcomes new scarehunters

Alton Towers have unveiled details regarding their new scaremaze for 2012 – The Sanctuary.

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Apr 12 2012

Black Hole disappearing into near Oblivion

Work has begun imminently on the removal of the external building of Black Hole at Alton Towers in anticipation of a new 2013 addition.

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Feb 20 2012

X-Sector’s Enterprising rides won’t Submit

It has been revealed that half of Alton Towers’ core thrill rides will not be Standing But Not Operating for the 2012 season – contrary to a former announcement by the park.

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Jan 05 2012

‘Secret Weapon 7′ plans released

Located in X-Sector on the previous location of the Black Hole, the Gerstlauer Eurofighter style rollercoaster will have numerous inversions, and will have a distinct large cube building acting as a centric vision point for the ride.

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