MJ Timeless Review

Reviewed by Adam James, August 2010 for Blackpool Aloud

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching the latest Pleasure Beach Resort production ‘MJ Timeless’, a show which has been described by the promoters as ‘A spectacular tribute to Michael Jackson’; and being totally honest, you’d have much diffculty disagreeing with that statement.

Now playing at the Globe Theatre at Pleasure Beach Resort, the show commenced at half seven in the evening, perfect for those aiming to watch a family-friendly production that will please both those with distinct passion for the Michael Jackson, or for those who are too young to remember his more famous years.

The tunes keep on coming from the first bar of music through to the heart-stopping finale, and with Danny Oliver leading proceedings as the King of Pop, there couldn’t have been a more heartfelt tribute to the fantastic musician. Danny had perfected the moonwalk and all the signature stylings of Michael with flair; you wouldn’t find a better man to do the job if you entailed on a worldwide search. The costume changes were swift and accurate, assisted by the other performers who helped to complete the show and tie the big hits together.

Celena Cherry provided the feminine personality for the show, belting out huge numbers which were favourites of Michael or indeed inspired by his motown roots. Being part of The Honeyz earlier in her international career had paid off for those sitting in the auditorium theatre, as every note was spot on with fail, every word immaculately put across, even in such a large and modernistic venue as the Globe Theatre, where acoustic could have been a problem, but thankfully the performers have literally leaped and flipped over the potential problem with ease, creating what is a poignant tribute to a performer who is known for his unique performance stance.

Above: Danny Oliver mixes well with the Plague troop

We couldn’t complete this review without a well-earned mention for Plague, the dance troop who could easily beat Flawless and Diversity in the street dance stakes without a doubt. The mixed sex group performed alongside  Celena and Danny showing off their perfected dance moves and acrobatic flips in style, whilst not so overpowering as to take over the singers at the forefront. A particular point during which the show shone was the finale, which much felt like we were saying goodbye and paying our tributes to Michael Jackson at the heart of Blackpool’s South Shore.

Emblazoned in white jackets and taking to the stage’s stairway, it became apparant that alot of effort had been put into MJ Timeless to make it the success it has been, nonetheless by the producer Anand Bhatt whgo has produced sell-out productions dedicated to Michael before in 2008 and 2009 before bringing it to Blackpool this year. After studying Michael’s life for many years and looking into his personal profile, it is upon this he chose the cast for the production. With Michael now being sadly no longer with us, MJ Timeless is proabbly the closest we can get to watching the real thing again, and thankfully Anand has chosen a fantastic cast who are set to keep thrilling audiences through to 5th September.

‘A spectacular tribute to Michael Jackson’?  Absolutely.  Should you see it? Most definately.

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