Theme Park Watch: 2016 Edition

TPW 2016

The 2016 season will see a variety of new and exciting additions cropping up across the British amusement and theme park industry. From enigmatic dark rides to riveting roller coasters, there's plenty of additional content coming to our nation's great days out next year. Below is a guide of all the confirmed new attractions that are set to debut in Great Britain in 2016.


Alton Towers Resort


'Towers Loving Care':

The Staffordshire based resort has committed to a three year long programme to begin sprucing up the theme park. Dubbed 'Towers Loving Care' licks of paint, new paving and various other general aesthetic improvements are set to begin this year.


A virtual reality reimagining for Air. Originally opening as the world's first flying roller coaster, Air will now adopt a brand new mantle, theme and another world's first title to add to its belt. From April this year, 'Galatica' will open as the world's first virtual reality roller coaster. Riders will be to put on a virtual reality headset that will be mounted to the current crafts that run on Air's track, experiencing a voyage into the cosmos guided by the Artificial Service assistant, EVE. The station building will be entirely enclosed, and new thematic elements are to be installed around the ride's plaza.

Rollercoaster Restaurant:

Situated in the current retail space for Air, this brand new dining experience will allow guests to sit around specially designed tables and have their food delivered via roller coaster. The tracks include two full vertical loops, a guaranteed spectacle for diners eagerly awaiting their choice of cuisine. The new dining venue will open outside of park hours for hotel guests, and has been confirmed to be a 'premium offering'.

Legoland Windsor

LEGO Movie 4D:

A brand new take on the hugely popular 'The LEGO Movie' is set to arrive at the Imagination Theatre later this year. Partnering with Warner Bros, the park will welcome firm favourites Emmet, Wyldestyle, Benny and Metalbeard to the 4D big screen for the first time on 11th March. The gang are invited to a brand new theme park with rides based on their own experiences.

Second 4D Movie?

Currently unconfirmed, however there are rumours that point to a 4D Nexo Knights adventure. Lego are heavily advertising their new line of futuristic medieval products, and it seems likely that an accompanying 4D film may debut in May.

Exclusive shield shaped pop badges

With pop badge collecting becoming an ever growing hobby amongst enthusiasts of Merlin parks, Legoland are about to shake up the collectable item line by introducing a brand new badge shape. At present, pop badges are only circular in shape. However later this year, Legoland plans to introduce brand new shield shape badges that will be exclusive to the park.

Paulton's Park

Lost Kingdom

Thorpe Park Resort

Derren Brown, The Ride:

Situated in a dilapidated warehouse at the heart of the island, Thorpe Park have spent three years collaborating with the British illusionist to create a brand new world's first phsycological experience.