Our Team

Airgates is made by a team of  passionate and dedicated individuals, emerging from many walks of life and different corners of the British Isles.

Uniting them is one common passion; the British amusement and theme park industry, including all the attached attributes that provide an adrenaline filled, fun day out.

All of our team have a range of experience that keeps Airgates recognised as one of the most dedicated breaking news story platforms in the British amusement and theme park industry. With hundreds of articles between them attracting thousands of views, our team have also made regular appearances on various national and regional radio shows with their opinions, views and knowledge highly sought after.

The Team

Jack Gordon Jack is the Technical Editor and Co-Founder of Airgates.


Adam Whittaker – Adam is co-founder of Airgates, and a marketing executive for a Norfolk-based advertising agency, originating from Lancashire. He also writes for technology and digital marketing blog whittwhitt, and provides freelance marketing services for SMEs.

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Alex Dunne Alex has been an Airgates roaming reporter for over three years.  A Manchester-born thrill seeker and keen theme park enthusiast, who loves the adrenaline rush you can only get from rides.


Michael Mander Michael has been an Airgates reporter for two years.


Dan Wright

Kimberley Booth
PR Assistant.

Hannah-Rose Jarvis
The Tea Lady.    

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