Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Airgates?

A: Airgates is the trusted source for the latest news and developments within the tourism and leisure industry. This includes theme and amusement parks, zoos, aquariums and tourist attractions in the United Kingdom.

Q: How did Airgates start?

A: Airgates is run by a small team of freelance journalists with a passion for travel and tourism.  Airgates has origins through a ‘beta’ website which launched in August 2010, however Airgates itself started life online in April 2011. The website has then grown to become a relevant and reliable tourist attraction destination since its launch. 

The current team list can be found here.

Q: Can I use any of the photos or videos on Airgates?

A: You may use any of Airgates’ photos at no charge for personal use, such as computer desktops or personal printing. Our photos may not be used on any website, forum or social networking site without advance permission. The exception to this rule is where  link is provided directly to the original source of content on Airgates.

For commercial usage, please contact us for information. We can provide high-resolution copies of most of our original images. If you wish to quote from one of our independently written articles online, please link back to our website directly next to the quote copied.

Q: Our attraction wish to have an event/product launch covered on relevant platforms as part of our marketing strategy. Can you promote it?

A: Airgates will happily attend any press event and provide thorough coverage showing your new attraction/event should it be in the interests of our readers and appropriate notice given. Should you wish for further details, please use info@airgates.co.uk as our mailing address.


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