Alton Towers slammed following 2018 operational changes announcement

The park proceeded to ask on social media if users had spotted a secret message in the Kyle Lambert designed poster for Wicker Man; you can probably guess the outcome.

The addition of the new wooden roller coaster is amidst a series of operational changes that have been announced across the resort.

And the cuts inevitably haven’t been well received.

The changes mean that guests wishing to experience both roller coasters in the Dark Forest, as well as Hex – Legend of the Towers, and the attractions in Cloud Cuckoo Land, will need to wait until 11am. Guests wishing to experience Duel and all rides within Forbidden Valley will be required to wait until 12pm, almost 3 hours after the theme park has opened.

And guests looking to satisfy their Congo River Rapids thirst will have even longer to wait. May 26th, to be exact.

The Rapids will then also close later in the season on 4th September, two whole months before the theme park closes before the end of the year.

Naturally, the news has been poorly received, with hundreds taking to social media to air their concerns.

In a post attempting to highlight the large sum of money inevitably spent on drafting in Kyle Lambert to create and hide a ‘hidden message’ on the Wicker Man’s poster, the resort have been inundated with complaints and jabs at the message:


The park have been known to make cuts and changes at this time of the year as the Merlin Annual Pass reaches the homeward stretch with the majority of purchases made, however have then u-turned on the decisions. It is unknown at present if the park will crumble to the negative feedback and reverse this years operational changes.

Alton Towers will reopen to the public on 17th March.