Blackpool Council receive Pleasure Beach hotel planning application

Plans for Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s new £12m 120-bedroom hotel and conference centre have been submitted to Blackpool Council.

The 35 document application shows that the new hotel will consist mainly of grey stonework and metal cladding, with a brown stone trim on the upper levels of the accommodation.

69 car parking spaces are to be included in the development, featuring 8 disabled bays and will be accessible from the former south entrance to Blackpool Pleasure Beach on Clifton Drive. A delivery bay is to be provided to the rear of the hotel.

The detailed documents show the five-storey building will occupy the current land on which The Star pub resides on, with the nearby Coaster’s Diner also facing redevelopment to accommodate a pool and restaurant for the hotel.

In the Design & Access statement by Cheshire based architects Allison Pike, it is revealed that much of the design inspiration comes from the history and heritage of the park, as well as Blackpool itself: “When considering the design of the new building it was clear that the history and heritage of the Pleasure Beach and Blackpool should be referenced but in a contemporary way to provide a modern and attractive facility to suit the needs and expectations of the current visitors to Blackpool.

“The design aesthetic process combines modern examples of American coastal architecture with a contemporary take on Victorian architectural style.


The Design/Material Pallette showcases some of the modern architecture that inspired the hotel. Image by Allison Pike.

The application for the hotel also makes reference to the local crime rate, and how mitigation needs to be taken into consideration during the construction. Rachel Hines, Designing Out Crime Officer of Lancashire Constabulary, commented: “The crime figures indicate that the hotel must have adequate security measures to reduce the opportunity for crimes such as burglary, criminal damage and assault.

“The Lancashire Constabulary Licensing Team for Blackpool should be consulted in respect of the operating procedures for the restaurant and bar as these will be open and accessible to the public with the entrance being off the sea front elevation of the building.

“Alcohol will be served in the building. Incidents of violence and disorder often break out without warning when people gather whilst or after consuming alcohol. CCTV is an important security measure to prevent and detect crime in these circumstances. Bar areas within hotels are often targeted for burglary when they have been locked up and are not staffed, so it is advised that these areas are covered by CCTV and additional security (locks, shutters).”

The hotel, which joins the current Big Blue Hotel, is expected to create 70 jobs, including 30 full-time and 40 seasonal positions.