Olympia Looping to feature at Winter Wonderland

The largest and most iconic travelling roller coaster in the world will set up residency at the huge winter event in Hyde Park later this year.

Manufactured by Anton Schwarzkopf, the huge roller coaster is famed for travelling around Germany, making its main appearance at Oktoberfest.

The locations of the 110ft tall roller coaster are speculated every year, with British enthusiasts longing for an appearance on our shores.

Olympia Looping’s dimensions and location at Winter Wonderland.

27 years after making its debut in 1989, the 900 tonne mammoth will be brought to the London based event on up to 70 lorries.

At present, it is unknown how much the attraction will cost for a single ride at Winter Wonderland, with usual price brackets at German Kirmes starting at €7.

Winter Wonderland 2016 will commence on 18 November, and will run through until 2 January 2017. Planning documents for the event can be viewed on the Westminster council website.