23-year-old man from London hires out Thorpe Park for birthday celebrations

The event was described using words such as “lit” and “sick” which saw the Surrey based theme park stay open for exclusive usage.

The park confirmed on social media in the weeks prior that it was to be hired out for the evening for exclusive usage by Michael Omari, 23.

Mr Omari invited hundreds of guests who he’d never met on social media to also attend, whilst those who did not receive an invite voiced their distress:

Not only did the rides and attractions remain open during the event, but ride staff appeared to entirely forget about the prohibited usage of loose articles, as many individuals shared photos of themselves with their phones out on several of the roller coasters:

One individual, who wished remain to anonymous, said:  “We were stuck in the queue for Derren Brown’s Ghost Train towards the end of the day before the event began.

“As we finally got off the ride, we noticed many of the guests attending were openly walking around squawking strange words such as “merk” and describing the event as “lit”.

“The only thing that appeared to be lit to us were the spliffs stuck to people’s mouths. The smell of weed was horrendous.

“It was like a normal crowd and daily routine at the park, except much, much worse”.

Attendees to the event also received a free Adidas branded bag of tat, whilst restaurant chain Nando’s were also invited to the celebration.

Mr Omari is commonly known to his obsessors as the rapper ‘Stormzy’, despite being unable to control the weather.