The duo broke into the park in the early hours of Friday morning, before dangerously operating and riding the Blue Flyer roller coaster.

The two boys, one of whom was arrested at the scene, were believed to have spent up to 30 minutes on the classic children’s wooden attraction.

Operating since 1934, the Blue Flyer, originally known as the Zipper Dipper, was heard from outside the park by a local resident.

Lancashire Police were called to the site by the park’s security team at around 4:50am, where they proceeded to arrest one of the boys, aged 15.

The Blue Flyer rollerc coaster, pictured with the operational levels used to operate the ride. Image by Martin Valt for RCDB.

The Blue Flyer roller coaster, pictured with the operational levers used to operate the ride. Image by Martin Valt for RCDB.

It is believed that the duo targeted the ride due to its much simpler operation compared to some of the other attractions in the Lancashire based amusement park.

The ride is operated by a series of levers, which on this particular roller coaster, are left open for anyone to access on the station platform rather than in a operator’s cabin. One of the levers is normally padlocked, which would have required the teenagers to forcibly remove the failsafe in order to operate the attraction.

Also prior to being met by the police, the duo were able to break into the T-Cafe situated near the Wallace & Gromit Thrill-o-Matic, proceeding to throw popcorn and candyfloss around the outlet.

A spokesperson from the Pleasure Beach told the Blackpool Gazette: “Blackpool Pleasure Beach operates 24 hour security and patrols across the 42-acre site 365 days a year.

“Security will continue to operate with vigilance across the site, assisted by CCTV surveillance monitoring activity on the grounds.”

It is unknown the exact reason of why despite the aforementioned 24 hour security presence, it took so long for the duo to be detected.

Dan Wright

Dan is a graduate Journalism student who has been writing for Airgates since 2015. His passion and knowledge for the theme park industry sees him visiting theme parks across the world each year, mainly in Europe. Dan has appeared on behalf of Airgates on BBC Radio 5Live and BBC Radio Sheffield to part with his theme park/roller coaster knowledge to a public audience.

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