WC16 is … well … it’s certainly something

After months of hype and PR from Thorpe Park and Derren Brown, the nature of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train has finally been revealed – on a website that, well, not many people have ever heard of.

For whatever reason, Thorpe Park gave the exclusive story to the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions. The article explains that the ride will use “illusion, live action, next-generation technology, 4D special effects and physical transit”.

He also confirmed they’ll be VR in the ride. It seems that Merlin are really hoping this VR thing works out.

Despite Thorpe Park’s claims that the announcement would be made at 9am on Monday morning, the article was published, according to the website, two days ago: leaving many fans disappointed.

Speculation that the ride would be themed around a ghost train and Victoriana have proved to be correct. It’s also lead to a lot of further speculation that it will be an immersive tunnel style ride.

Editorial note: Since the publishing of this article, the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions have removed the reveal from their website.