Ripsaw fails to make the cut for 2016

The Alton Towers based thrill ride currently lies in dismantled pieces across the resort car parks.

The ride, a Top Spin model manufactured by Huss Rides of Germany, originally opened in 1997 before going on to ‘detox’ millions of riders.

After 18 years of operation however, the ride now lies in pieces across the resort hotel car parks.

In a video uploaded on Facebook by user James Keenan, various pieces of the ride’s queue line and theming can be seen dismantled and clustered together.

WATCH: Segments of Ripsaw dismantled and left in resort hotel car parks

The closure of the ride comes after the announcement that several rides and attractions would not be operating next season, following the accident on The Smiler earlier this year.

Ripsaw was known and adored by spectators able to view the ride from a viewing area next to the Fresh Fish and Chips outlet in Forbidden Valley. From here, guests were able to witness the ride as it tumbled and flipped guests head over heels. The water fountain sequence that would wet riders, and in some circumstances, soak guests, also stirred much anticipation.

The resort are yet to officially confirm the rides absence from the line up, with many speculating the dismantling so far is simply for maintenance reasons.

Over the recent years, the ride has suffered various issues with ageing parts and temperamental motors. It also spent a portion of the 2015 season down to allow technicians to carry out maintenance work.

It is currently unknown what will, or even if Ripsaw will be replaced with during the forseeable future.