Here’s Your Annual ‘Lapland Gone Wrong’ Story

Winter Blunderland, Crapland and even Elfgate – we’re all out of creative puns and catchy headings: but it wouldn’t be Christmas without photos of a muddy field and dodgy-looking elves. So, from all of us at Airgates, here you go:

A Christmas “magical train” in Blackpool has closed after furious parents complained about the quality of the event.

The description of the ride said: “We enter the Magical Tunnel.  Suddenly the children feel the droplets of snow beginning to fall on their excited little faces.” Tickets cost £5 per person.

But Drea Knight, who attended the event, did not feel this description matched up to the experience: “When we arrived at the location we witnessed two poorly-dressed elves kissing. There was no Christmas theme whatsoever – no music, not even one piece of tinsel anywhere. The miniature train was exactly the same as it is during the summer.”

But the organiser of the event, Steve Howard, regrets nothing except the lack of giant candy props: “The event is what you make of it. I have not promised anything that wasn’t there on the night except the giant candy props which didn’t arrive in time.”

In fact, the organisers believe it was the guests that ruined the event: “The people on the first train kicked off and caused a massive scene. They were shouting and swearing and scaring people off. It was really inappropriate especially at a family event.”

Posting on Facebook, the organisers described the dramatic events: “people swearing, staff being threatened, people talking about hate mobs turning up and telling Santa and his elves what they think”.

Helen Grimshaw said she was “appalled” by the screaming and shouting parents who were abusing staff, but acknowledged: “there was definitely room for improvement to make the event a little more magical, & it didn’t quite live up to the description, but that’s just my opinion.”

The event was closed by the council due to operating outside of its contract.

Have a Magical Christmas!