Ebay listing shows Tom Sawyer bridge demolition at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

A hefty piece of timber originally from the bridge’s structure has been put up for online auction.

The listing made by Ebay user jrdemo67 describes the wood as “very, very heavy”, spanning 12 inches by 14 inches, and up to 30ft in length.

Accompanying the listing are several images of the structure, as well as the demolition work being carried out on the large walkway situated at the Lancashire based amusement park.

Burning bridges: One of the major routes through the park is torn down by demolition workers.
Burning bridges: One of the major routes through the park is torn down by demolition workers.

The demolition of the bridge paves the way for future developments at the park, with various signs pointing to the large upcoming project teased for 2017.

The future of the bridge has been speculated on by fans of the park for several years, with rumours that its removal would be accompanied by the neighbouring Grand Prix ride.

Earlier this year, thrill seekers caught wind of a No Limits design of a Mack Megacoaster, designed by 22-year-old Alex Machin. Various news sources posted the project, believing it to be an official concept from the park.

Wishful thinking: The proposed layout of the Mack Megacoaster.

The design, which is based on Helix of Liseberg, Sweden, would begin its layout in the old Grand Prix station. Featuring a 56mph launch and over 3000ft of track, the convincing plans and design by Alex had plenty of enthusiasts fooled.

When asked his thoughts after news sources began circulating his design, Mr Machin commented: “I thought it was funny to be honest”.

“Going forward however, I’m unsure if the park would take inspiration from my design or just plainly rip it off. They would hardly admit that, but at least the online community now know who originally designed it”.

In an interview with BlooTalk, deputy managing direction Nick Thompson commented the new ride will take 18 months to build, and he hopes the ride will “one of the most exciting rides in the world”.

He also went on to state that no new rides will join the park’s line up next year, with infrastructure development taking priority.