Dip in UK attraction visitors number following Paris attacks

Data released in the last 7 days suggests that the Paris attacks earlier this month had an impact on visitor number for UK attractions.

The Springboard Consultancy published data on Monday that said on November 14, the day after the events in Paris, the London Eye suffered a 32.1% decrease in visitor numbers.

The National Gallery also recorded a 25.3% dip, while the British Museum suffered a smaller decline of 4%.

It is unclear whether visitors were put off by the tragic events in Paris, or by other factors: it was suggested that consumers may have been reducing their spending until Black Friday.

Bernard Donoghue,¬†director of the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions, said that – in terms of security – staff at various sites across London were “alert but not alarmed”.

He added that a vast number of cancellations were due to the ban on school trips issued by the French Department of Education following the attacks.

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