Warwick Castle Marketing Rep sends adorable letter from ‘Earl of Warwick’

When Kellie Campbell decided to buy her children Merlin Annual Passes for Christmas she contacted all the Merlin parks to request some brochures to wrap up.

Katie Herranz-Sanchez, marketing assistant at Warwick Castle, went one step beyond – and wrote the children a special Christmas letter in character as the Earl of Warwick.


She sent Kellie the letter, alongside the note: “Please find enclosed a letter for your children from the ‘Earl of Warwick’ to go alongside their Merlin Annual Pass Christmas present!”

“I made up the letter myself, but hope it adds to the magic of their Christmas.”

Kellie posted the story to the Merlin Annual Pass Holders Facebook group, saying: “Excellent Customer service and [I] feel overwhelmed that she has gone out of her way to do this!”

The full letter is pictured at the end of this article.

“Dear Campbell Children;

I’ve heard that you will be visiting me, the Earl of Warwick very shortly at my home, Warwick Castle.


With my letter, I’ve included a gate map of my house so you can plan your visit in advance. My favourite place in the grounds is River Island. I often take my peacocks for a walk and explore the trebuchet.

Enjoy your visit with us all at Warwick Castle, and on behalf of myself and the whole of Team Warwick, have a very merry Christmas.”