Thorpe Park Guinea Pig explains “Offensive” criticisms

Earlier in the year, Airgates spoke to a Thorpe Park visitor who claimed to have seen commercials for the park’s 2016 attraction. He criticised the adverts for being “offensive” and said the attraction would be “disappointing”.

Now that we all know that Derren Brown has been involved in the creation of the “Minds Wanted” attraction, we returned to Michael Trinder to ask him to explain some of his earlier comments.

He said that some of the adverts themselves depicted homeless people in them, and some appeared to “touch on mental health.”

The depiction of a “homeless” man during the filming of the ride’s advert.

He said of the themes in the adverts: “I felt some could take offence” to depictions of homelessness and mental health.

Derren Brown previously dressed as a homeless person in “How to Control the Nation”.

Michael Trinder said: “I knew it was Derren Brown, and I didn’t like the concept or the attraction.”

According to his reports, the adverts involved: “a train, a gas mask, a homeless guy, relating it to losing your mind.”

“I have no desire at all to go on the attraction and can’t for the life of me see how it will offer any replay value after it’s been ran.”