“Derren Brown: The Ride” just got a lot more plausible

Derren Brown has sent a mysterious Tweet alluding to a new project “not TV or stage; a world first” – could it refer to the Thorpe Park dark ride, or is it all just misdirection?

The British illusionist gained an international reputation after performing a series of high-profile stunts: including using subliminal messaging to stick viewers to their seats, hypnotising a member of the public to ‘assassinate’ Stephen Fry and playing Russian Roulette live on TV.

With rumours swirling that Thorpe Park’s new dark ride will be based on a popular IP (Intellectual Property), fans are searching for clues that could suggest what the new theme will be.

The newest clue appears to be a Tweet from Derren Brown, who says: “I’ve been working for 3 years on something new & different, not TV or stage; a world first. Bit excited. More very soon.”

It certainly ties in with the online ‘Minds Wanted’ campaign – seeming to relate to the mind, the brain and psychology : areas in which Brown claims to specialise

Derren Brown has been suggested as a theme before: Coasterforce user ‘Crazycoaster’ claims “I heard that Merlin have sunk a lot of money into obtaining the rights of Derren Brown for this new attraction.”, with JoshC adding: “I remember hearing a similar rumour about a year or so ago actually.”

And in case that isn’t enough, take a look at these two images. The first was Tweeted by Thorpe Park, depicting the Fright Nights characters, the second by Derren Brown with the mysterious caption “something new is brewing”.

Even the Merlin trademark of the word ‘Automaton’ could tie in – during his Svengali tour, Derren Brown used an Automaton.

In August, over 300 readers voted in our poll: “What will the theme of WC16 be?”. 19% said Derren Brown, with the most popular option being Jack the Ripper, receiving 28% of the votes.

We won’t know for sure until Thorpe Park give some sort of official confirmation – so for now it’s all speculation. We may have some more information tomorrow at 9am, if Thorpe Park’s mysterious Tweets and clues are anything to go by.