‘Screamland’ Margate tickets go on sale

Further information regarding Dreamland’s Halloween event has been published complete with ticket prices.

The Kent based seaside amusement park is set to transform this Halloween, less than five months after it reopened earlier this summer.

Dreamland Margate is to become ‘Screamland’  on selected dates from 16 October until 31 October, with the park closing at 23:00 on these days:


A series of scare based events and attractions will debut at the park for the Halloween period, with each listed by their own ‘scare factor’ on the official website.

The Final Cut and the Scream Machine Scare Zone are both movie based attractions, inviting guests to take up the mantle of the starring role in one of the greatest horror flicks ever made.

The Strange Sisters attraction will allow guests to have a traditional psychic reading from a crystal ball in a gypsy encampment, undertaken by one of the themed Strange Sisters.

Punchinello sees Dreamland’s resident sadistic puppet Mr Punch receive a terrifying makeover, taking guests on a terrifying journey of Screamland.

Abramacabre will be a classic mirror maze attraction with a haunting twist, as guests are pursued by the ghost of an Edwardian magician.

Festino’s Forgotten Funhouse tells the twisted tale of a motley crew of freaks after their escape from Coney Island, setting up their own funhouse at Dreamland which has resided there since 1913.

The Monstrous Menagerie will allow guests to get close to a selection of spiders, lizards and other forms of creepy crawlies.

Dead & Breakfast allows guests to time travel back to the era of World War 2, where guests must navigate the hallways of a dilapidated seaside guest house haunted by revenants of the war-torn Britain.

The park have promised that Screamland will be an immersive and theatrical experience like no other, and each scare attraction is designed to make guests feel alone and abandoned. This suggests that the traditional ‘conga line’ method of other scare mazes in the country will not be enforced during this event.

Award winning Los Angeles based film composer, Chris Thomas, is also composing music exclusively for the event:

Tickets are on sale at the Dreamland website where two tiers of purchases are available. Early bird tickets are for purchase at the price of £19.95, whilst on the gate ticket prices are listed at £24.95. Guests are also able to purchase a fast track ticket for all the scare attractions which is priced at £29.95 each.

The park have also listed ‘The Phantom Express’ as an additional scare attraction on their Facebook page, however there are no referrals to this on the official website.  It is yet unknown if this will be a temporary identity for the Scenic Railway during the event, which is yet to open.