Alton Towers to introduce new extreme Scarefest maze

The new experience is set to be one of the most terrifying experiences offered by the theme park yet, particularly on guest’s wallets.

The new maze, titled ‘Sub Species: Operation Lockdown’ is set to be a two hour theatrical experience set after park close.

In details released by various sites including Scaretours and TowersStreet,  the new maze will take place between 10:00pm and midnight, heavily relying on a heavily immersive story.

A series of challenges lie in wait throughout the maze for unsuspecting guests, the most notable of which is being trapped in one of three scare rooms. Guests are tasked with destroying the alien species and ensuring the survival of the human race.

The backstory of the maze is based on that of the Nemesis roller coaster and its sequel attraction: Nemesis Sub-Terra:

“In 1994 a government organisation known as The Phalanx, tasked with protecting the world from unknown threats, took on their most high profile case ever – to control the Nemesis creature and contain those that served it to the underground. Now, this post-apocalyptic, sewer dwelling community has been infested by a species from another world. The Phalanx have been called upon again to destroy the threat and they need you to join their ranks; to become an Operative and to help battle the latest threat to life as we know it. Join The Phalanx on their latest mission and take on a series of challenges to destroy the alien species and ensure you and the rest of humanity survive.”

The event has limited spaces with prices starting at £99 per person. Annual pass holders are able to claim a 20% on ticket purchases, which go live on Saturday.