Smiler crash victim responds to well wishes

One of the victims involved in the crash on The Smiler has took to social media for the first time since the incident.

Joe Hugh, an 18 year old from Barnsley, was on his first date with Leah Washington, 17 when the disaster occurred.

"Overwhelmed with the response": Joe Pugh's first tweet after the crash.
“Overwhelmed with the response”: Joe Pugh’s first tweet after the crash. Image by ITV.

The textile design student from Huddersfield University was sat in the front right of a fully loaded train, when it collided with an empty train on Tuesday afternoon. He was one of the patients that were airlifted to hospital after being freed by emergency services.

The full extent of Joe’s injuries are unknown, but thousands of users have taken to Twitter and Facebook to wish the couple a speedy and full recovery.

At present, Alton Towers theme park remains closed whilst the ongoing investigations are conducted on the site of the incident.