Smiler Collision Reportedly Results in Loss of Leg

By Michael Mander

Following the collision of two carriages on The Smiler at Alton Towers yesterday, a guest has reportedly sustained leg injuries resulting in the loss of a leg.

The individual who allegedly received an amputation is believed to be a female aged 17-19.

Following the collision, 2 males and 2 females were taken to hospital via air ambulance, after being trapped in the ride car for several hours.

Reports indicate that they have suffered severe, “life-changing” leg injuries.

According to two Airgates sources, doctors were forced to carry out a leg amputation on one female guest. The Daily Mail has backed these claims, citing sources of their own.

An Alton Towers spokesperson says the park “cannot comment further” on the extent of the injuries.

A carriage carrying 16 passengers collided into an empty carriage – resulting in “serious leg injuries” in four guests.

The four guests were evacuated after several hours and transported to two different hospitals by air ambulance.


Air ambulance, photographed by Instagram user Kitkatnic
Air ambulance, photographed by Instagram user Kitkatnic