Alton Towers to convert Air retail unit into new restaurant

The Staffordshire based resort have submitted a planning application to extend the retail space and convert it into a brand new restaurant.

The application comes just under a month after the Fresh Fish and Chips catering outlet was recently closed due to a fire.


On track to become a new restaurant: The proposed frontage for the extension to the Air shop which features a section of roller coaster track stretching from the roof to the floor.

The application was originally denied due to being an invalid submission, but was soon resubmitted with the planning documents visible to everyone.

The details of what's to come: An extract from the Design & Access statement submitted to Staffordshire Moorlands Council.
The details of what’s to come: An extract from the Design and Access statement submitted to Staffordshire Moorlands Council.

A flurry of speculation has pointed to the restaurant being similar to ‘FoodLoop’, a roller coaster restaurant situated at Europa Park in Rust, Germany.

Diners are seated around circular tables and are able to order their food and drinks from a computer screen in front of them. Their food is then delivered by one of the numerous tracks that lead from the expedite area, with one of the tracks even featuring a loop.

The current retail space will be relocated and also shrunken down, whilst a new extension will occur in order to accommodate the new kitchen area.

The proposed site plan: A document detailing the expansion viewed from an aerial perspective.

It is currently unknown what will happen to the Fresh Fish and Chips building, which is currently closed with the windows blacked out.

The full planning application can be found on the Staffordshire Moorlands Council website.

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