Another record breaker – Alton Towers with world’s largest.. book

A Staffordshire theme park has broke records with its latest marketing stunt.

Hot on the publicity trail for their new accommodation set to open later this year, Alton Towers have created a truly tall tale. The specially produced piece of literature is the biggest childrens book in the world at 18ft tall, and according to the park’s PR Manager Liz West, stands taller than a giraffe and weighs the same as five mini cooper cars.

Katherine Duckworth, head of marketing commented;

“With the launch of our new woodland lodges and treehouses, we wanted to take the classic tradition of storytelling and help preserve it for visiting families. Alton Towers Resort and The Enchanted Village is all about families spending quality time together and reading is a part of this at the end of an action packed day. The book gives kids a little taster of all the fun and adventure they can expect from fantastical stay.”

The book was created to commemorate the opening of the new Enchanted Village woodland lodges and tree houses development open later this week. Guests staying at the attraction will find (rather smaller) copies of the giant book in their rooms when they stay at the fairytale-inspired accommodation.

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