You’re GLAD The Blade Stayed!

By Michael Mander

The results are in… Airgates readers are GLAD that The Blade has stayed at Alton Towers!

Our Airgates Panel survey asked: Should The Blade stay or go?

58.82% of respondents said The Blade should stay. 29.41% said it should go. 11.76% didn’t answer.

We also asked: if The Blade closed – would you miss it? Readers gave a clear answer: Over 50% said they would miss it either “a lot” or “a bit”. Just 5% of readers would not miss it at all. 29.41% of readers wouldn’t miss it much.

Readers commented: “Its one of the Towers Classic attractions that has been there from the start of the modern park. It’d be heart breaking to see it leave!”

“It’s old and knackered – get rid of it, but Ripsaw should stay regardless of expansion plans.”

“Revamp it totally and run it at it’s proper speed again, otherwise remove it and bring in new thrill flat rides to replace the growing list of removed flats”

We’ll be collecting more of your views using the The Airgates Panel, powered by Urviews, soon.