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A fire at Alton Towers has caused a popular area of the park to be closed.

Guests are currently being evacuated from the Forbidden Valley area of the park for safety reasons. Nearby attractions which were also evacuated include Air, The Blade, Ripsaw and Nemesis, which recently celebrated its 21st Birthday. The park’s Monorail and Skyride transportation systems are also reported to be temporarily closed.

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The reported location of the fire. (File Image - photo taken before the incident)

The reported location of the fire. (File Image – photo taken before the incident)

Alton Towers Forbidden Valley fire

Guests being evacuated from Forbidden Valley – ride attendants are currently redirecting guests.

It is believed the fire started at the ‘Fresh Fish & Chips‘ catering unit in the area. It is unclear if the situation has resulted in the closure of the park’s Monorail which glides nearby the unit. The immediate area has been cleared by the park’s security team, with no news of when rides will reopen.

Our reporter on site has commented to Airgates;

The smoke was quite thick and dark. There was a smell of fire, and the whole area was evacuated by security. There is a general uncertainty amongst staff – some seemed unaware of a fire at all, and there is no confirmation of anything as yet.

UPDATE: (3pm) Alton Towers’ marketing team have commented;

We’ve had a small fire in the Fish & Chip restaurant kitchen. It was extinguished very quickly and we will re-open.

UPDATE: (30 March) Predictably, the Fish and Chip shop was closed all day but there is no visible damage to the area.

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Fire reported at Alton Towers, shutting down section of the park · 29th March 2015 at 6:26 pm

[…] According to Airgates, a fire has broken out at Alton Towers late Sunday. The reports say that the popular Forbidden Valley area of the park was closed and evacuated after a small fire broke out in a “Fish&Chips” restaurant. […]

Fire breaks out at Alton Towers and closes part of the park down! · 29th March 2015 at 9:29 pm

[…] Airgates quoted a source who was at the park today, saying: “The smoke was quite quick and [there was a] smell of fire, whole area evacuated by security. […]

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