Bumper Car Crazy: Fanatic plans 27.5 hour marathon

Marcus Gaines, who gained tabloid notoriety after spending £33,000 funding his love of theme parks, will attempt to break the Guiness World Record for Longest Marathon Riding Bumper Cars

marcus gaines

Marcus, a 38 year old travel writer, has already broken this record once in 2013 with a 26 hour marathon.

He now plans to break it again with a marathon of 27.5 hours riding the bumper cars on March 28.


He will complete the record at Funland Hayling Island on their traditional dodgems attractions.

He described it as a “genuinely gruelling challenge”, but said concessions were made for toilet breaks:

“The rules stipulate I’m allowed a 5 minute break for every completed hour I do. So I’ll be eating breakfast, dinner and lunch whilst behind the wheel, just don’t ask about how I’ll cope with going to the toilet.”

As well as completing the record, Marcus will also be raising money for Epilepsy Research UK. He said: “I lost two family members through epilespy. One of my lasting memories of my auntie is of riding the bumper cars at Wickham Fair. So this is a fitting tribute.”

He has currently raised £132 through his JustGiving page.

In 2013, it was revealed that he had rode over 1000 coasters, and spent £33,000 on his trips – covering 19 countries.