Ready to put the brain cells to work? It’s the March 2015 puzzle page!


Try this devious crossword to test your knowledge of current affairs. Some of the clues are cryptic!

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  • 3. Paultons’ 4D Detective star (6): Holmes
  • 4. Blood-coloured pointers coming to which beach? (8): Pleasure (Blood-coloured = red; pointers = arrows)
  • 8. Very old. A non-wight group of coastal ravines. (9,5): Blackgang Chine (Theme park on the Isle of Wight)
  • 10. Sharply cut from the map. (5): Blade
  • 11. Creepy Crawly (3): Ant
  • 12. Madagascar Penguin Name: (wealthy Spaniard?) (4): Rico (Rico means rich in Spanish)
  • 13. Adventure Island is on this Non-Island (8): Southend
  • 14. Luck of the Irish: Tayto receiving what coaster type? (6): Wooden


  • 1. Not any more, but this big one was ‘what’ Max? (5): Pepsi
  • 2. Which Park building maze starring 11 across and 15 down?: Thorpe
  • 5. Towers new village (9): Enchanted
  • 6. Location of new road lanes being built (one block at a time) (8): Legoland
  • 7. A show featuring 12 across is located at which world of adventures? (11): Chessington
  • 9. Trees (which?) are useful (for what?) (7): Oakwood
  • 15. Partner to 11 across (3): Dec

Twisted Coasters!

These past and present coaster names have got all looped and twisted. Can you unscramble them?

irA  Air
otsAr mStro  Astro Storm
hceAvalan  Avalanche
Btsea  Beast
Bakcl Heol  Black Hole
giB enO  Big One
oCuoslss  Colossus
dnrGa atalniNo  Grand National
anKgrhmeti  Knightmare
ivOnoilb  Oblivion
Srmaw  Swarm
amtiUtle  Ultimate
reaimpV  Vampire
tueWpoi  Wipeout
itRa Rita


Wikipedia has all the latest information on park developments – but that information is useless when words are missing!

Can you fill in the gaps to complete this Wiki entry on the upcoming maze at Thorpe Park?

No cheating!

Screenshot 2015-03-16 at 21.27.46

1) 27

2) I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

3) Studio 13 / 2014

4) Three / Bushtucker

5) 11 / Twitter / Facebook

6) Leg ticklers / Bridge


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