Time is up for the iconic Alton Towers classic flat ride.

Update: The Blade is now re-open until further notice

Alton Towers Resort have confirmed the removal of their classic flat ride, ‘The Blade’.

Questions were asked by the public and enthusiasts alike after a digital version of this years park map gave guests an insight into their new additions this year.

Despite the inclusion of the Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure, Enchanted Village and Treetop Quest, The Blade had been excluded from the familiar graphic.

The Alton Towers Resort 2015 map: The depiction of Forbidden Valley without The Blade.

The Alton Towers Resort 2015 map: The depiction of Forbidden Valley without The Blade.

‘The Blade’ originally opened in 1980 in its classic incarnation known as ‘The Pirate Ship’. Debuting in Fantasy World (now known as X Sector), the ride stood the test of time as many classics were removed over the years, and new technology carved the future for the theme park.


The Pirate Ship in Fantasy World. Image by trainsandstuff on Flickr.

The Pirate Ship was removed in the 1996 season along with the rest of Fantasy World, in order for preparations to begin on the project for 1998; Oblivion.

Thankfully the ride reappeared over in the opposite side of the park the following year. Now sporting a more rustic look, the pirates had long abandoned their ship and thus The Blade was born. Themed as a piece of discarded shrapnel tossed from the pit of Nemesis, The Blade has resided on the site of the previous ‘Thunderlooper’ roller coaster ever since.

But now the park have confirmed the saddening fate for its legendary flat ride via numerous postings on social media:


A series of tweets from Alton Towers confirms The Blade’s fate.


The park also responded to various comments on Facebook confirming its fate.

Despite confirmation of its closure, the ride had one last burst of final life during the annual John Lewis employee and family exclusive hire. The event took place on Saturday 14th March, one week before the 2015 season gets underway.


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The park have promised exciting plans for Forbidden Valley are coming following the demise, with rumours already arife of its inevitable replacement. Whilst the whispers of the legendary cross valley woodie grow ever louder, The Blade will always remain a significant and fond memory of the Alton Towers history.

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