Love is a Roller-Coaster…

By Michael Mander

Happy Valentine’s Day! Check out these loved-up moments from attractions across the country.


Waiting (times) for love

Thorpe Park
Thorpe Park

During Summer Nights in August 2013 – Russell Brown proposed to his girlfriend Sarah Sivyer through a ride-times screen.

However, the proposal could have gone horribly wrong. Sarah Bodill was at the park that same day with her boyfriend Rus – and Tweeted her gratitude that the park had used surnames on the screen!


A tidal wave of emotion

The first date
9 years later … the proposal!

In May 2014, Stephen Kelly proposed to Danielle Manton at Thorpe Park.

The resort had a significance – it was the location of their very first date 9 years prior.

Stephen said: “Thorpe Park is such a special place for us that it felt right to do it there and then.”

Marriage is (f)looming

Love can drive you quakers.
Love can drive you quakers.

This is one on-ride photo worth keeping! Aaron Brand proposed to girlfriend Joanne Exley in September 2014 via a very unconventional method!

Following the unique proposal, Joanne said yes! Aaron expressed his relief at everything going to plan and, presumably, they bought the ride photo.

Eye Do!

As you can imagine, lots of people get proposed (or even married) on the iconic London Eye.

In 2013, the London Eye marked 5000 proposals (that they know about), 512 weddings and 22 civil partnerships. Since then, and combined with the proposals they don’t know about, that number could be as much as 10,000.

Over to you!

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