CONFIRMED: Thorpe Park launching I’m A Celeb maze

Initial speculation was right – Thorpe Park will launch an attraction based on the hit TV show: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!.

The park posted a dot-to-dot picture, seemingly revealing the ‘I’m A Celeb’ logo – confirming the speculation that their 4 clues had generated.

The attraction will take the form of a walk-through maze – using “innovative technology to simulate the feeling of being covered in bugs”.

The resort’s press release gave a detailed walkthrough of what to expect from the new attraction.

Warning – spoilers!

“Camp mates will gather at Snake Rock before trekking through the Vile Vineyard to arrive at Croc Creek’s rickety bridge. At the other end they will walk through the Catacombs of Doom where they will face their first Bush Tucker Trial, Holey Moley.

Holey Moley is a deceptive rock face etched with cracks, craters and crevices that are filled with jungle ‘critters’ – contestants must place their hands within the rock’s dark corners in search of light-up stars that will unlock a secret corridor to the heart of the jungle.

Contestants will then dive into the next challenge, the Chambers of Horror, where they will be placed into shower containers to take part in a live game show experience. Don’t look up! Above the showers are tanks loaded with ‘critters’ that could drop down on guests at any moment should they answer a series of quiz questions incorrectly.

After camp mates have had a ‘screaming shower’, they will trudge onwards into the darkness of Calamity Caves, where they must guide their way through creepy cobwebs without unsettling any of the cave’s eight-legged residents. When guests reach the light at the end of the cavern it will be short-lived as they plunge into the Pipe of Peril.

Emerging from the pipe, guests will get a chance to catch their breath at Cruelty Towers where they will receive a final island briefing in preparation for the last of the Bush Tucker Trials, Celebrity Cyclone – camp mates must race against high winds and water jets in the final Bush Tucker Trial to be crowned King or Queen of the jungle.

This attraction demonstrates the third IP based attraction in the park – following the Saw rides and Angry Birds Land.

There are mixed opinions on the new attraction. A survey by Airgates found that people are split 50/50 about whether they will ride the attraction – with a slight majority saying the attraction was a good or very good investment.