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Pleasurewood Hills seems to be taking a whole new approach to staff recruitment.

The Lowesoft park asked applicants, split into 4 groups, to take part in a dance to Pharrell Williams’ number one hit “Happy”.

They also allowed applicants to live-Tweet from the interview-with-a-difference using the hashtag #PWHRecruit, which has seen Tweeted and Retweeted over 380 times.

Videos below

The “Happy” recruitment technique follows on from 2013, when the park required all applicants to participate in a Harlem Shake dance.

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Speaking to Airgates, Ben Rowe of Pleasurewood Hills explained their recruitment methods: “In recent years we have put more and more time, energy and expense into our recruitment process.”

“This recruitment process is all geared to market ourselves to the very best people out there to come and work for us. From the outset people buy into our brand and want to be part of it. That’s where the team comes in. There is nothing more powerful than a team of people who are proud of where they work, understand our goals and bring their ‘A-Game’ everyday when at work.”

“We added the dance section to the process last year as a simple way for candidates to feel as a team from the outset. They aren’t judged on this part of the process and it’s only seen as a fun way to release some tension at the end of their group sessions.”

“Secondly it gets people talking and as we saw last year, the amount of ‘buzz’ it creates is fantastic.”

“Based on the success of the process last year and the engagement with candidates and our brand, we extended our social layer to live tweeting. I’ve never been part of a recruitment process that has generated so many selfies before! In turn, all this then provides us with a tool for the following year to excite and engage new recruits.  ”


Screenshot 2014-03-09 at 1.24.56 AMScreenshot 2014-03-09 at 1.26.24 AM

Here is the compilation of Happy dances:


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