Park Hacks: 20 Theme Park Tips

By Michael Mander

Here’s 20 hacks that will ensure you have the best day at a theme park!

1. Write your mobile number on a piece of paper and slide it in your child’s shoe.

2. Bring zip lock bags to protect your mobile from the water rides.



3. Take a picture of your parking spot.

4. Work backwards around the park – start at the back.

5.  Lines are quietest at the start and end of the day – and during shows/parades.

6.  If you’re alone or don’t mind being separated, join the single rider queue.


7.  Invest in a locker – it will save time, effort and prevent loss and damage for just £1/2.

8. If it’s hot, take some cloth in a plastic bag that you can soak in water for relief.

9. Ponchos, suncream, socks etc will probably require a mortgage to buy in the park. Don’t forget to bring them.

10.Take full-body photos of littl’uns as you go in, so you’ll know exactly what they were wearing and can show security if your child gets lost.

11. Follow the parks on Twitter! They Tweet important information about ride statuses – and occasionally a surprise for visitors!

12. Print out the maps at home. It’s something to look at in the car and will save time at the entrance.

13. Download the apps! Just like #11, park apps will always have up-to-date info on queue times as well as an interactive map.

14.  Check the heights before you go in to the park (or at least before you join a queue). It will save a lot of disappointment.


15. Take a break! If you stop for a breather you’ll still be ready-to-go when everyone else is tired and heading home – meaning queues will be a lot shorter.

16. It may seem obvious, but don’t pay full price to get in. If you do, you’re in the minority. Find 2 for 1 vouchers in just about every newspaper ever.

17.  The last two weeks of the summer school-term are two of the busiest of the year.

18.  Talk to the ride attendants – they know the park better than anyone and can tell you what will be busy and what won’t.

19. Arrive half an hour late! You’ll avoid the queue at the gate. If you live close-by, give the park a call before you leave and ask how busy it is. You might be pleasantly surprised, or horrified!

20. Identify the landmarks. You can see Stealth from just about anywhere in Thorpe Park. Use it to help keep yourself orientated and meet up if you get separated.


Icons Key

 – make the most of your mobile

 – you can do this once you’re in the park

– some planning is required here.