CBeebies Land: Rides and Attractions

By Michael Mander

Here is a list of the rides and attractions you can expect to see at CBeebies Land in Alton Towers:

1. Something Special Sensory Garden

Based on the TV Show Something Special, which features Justin Fletcher as the character Mr Tumble. The ‘Sensory Garden’ will feature the Spotty Bag Trail, which moves through woodland and garden area. The route will feature special objects, such as Grandad Tumble’s shed.

The attraction (like the TV show) will feature Makaton signage, which is designed to help children with language development.

2. Tree Fu Tom Training Camp

A play area based on the CGI cartoon Tree Fu Tom, which will feature a ‘Spell School’ to teach children the moves they can then put into practice in Treetoplolis.

3. The Numtums Number-Go-Round

A merry go round based on the Numtums

4. Postman Pat’s Parcel Post

Previously the Old Macdonald’s Tractor Ride, the Postman Pat themed attraction looks to feature a form of interactivity: Alton Towers’ website says children will be required to use “problem-solving and interaction” in order to choose “the right parcels to deliver to the village’s favourite residents as they drive along.”


5. Get Set Go Treetop Adventure

Previously the Squirrel Nutty Ride, the Get Set Go will offer a birds eye view of CBeebies Land, while offering opportunities for imaginative play, focusing on waking the bugs.

6. Justin’s House Pie-O-Matic

Justin Fletcher is the figureheard of another CBeebies World attraction, as his character Robert invents a machine to make the best custard pies.

The Fun House style attraction involves using air-canons to shoot foam balls at targets (and, probably, one another!).

7. Nina’s Science Lab

This attraction will allow children to experiment and explore the five senses.

8. In the Night Garden Magical Boat Ride

Previously the River Bank Eye Spy, the In the Night Garden themed boat ride will feature all of the TV characters (including kid’s favourite Igglepiggle!). Families will drift through a ‘real night garden’, with many characters to spot on course.

9. Mr Bloom’s Allotment

While based on the show Mr Bloom’s Nursery, this attraction will feature Mr Blossom – who is caring for Mr Bloom’s Allotment while Bloom takes a holiday. However, Mr Blossom needs help feeding Compo, solving radish-based problems and singing the Veggies to sleep.