20 Things We Didn’t Know Last Year

By Michael Mander

Here’s a round up of 20 things we didn’t know last year about UK attractions:

  1. Ride inspectors have to check for missing elements (Read more: Ride Rater)
  2. Thorpe Park have never been alerted to joking about ride safety (Read more)
  3. Flamingoland will build a wooden coaster soon (Read more: Coasterforce)
  4. Stalls at Thorpe Park have varying difficulty levels. (Read more)
  5. The US have it a lot worse than the UK – some parks charge £15 for parking (Read more: Theme Park Tourist)
  6. The roller-coaster wheels industry has increased (Read more: Ride Rater)
  7. Animating Adventure Island’s new ad required 400 elements to be illustrated (Read more)
  8. It is possible, and perhaps easy, to sneak into UK theme parks (Read more)
  9. Pleasure Island is running at a loss (Read more: Ride Rater)
  10. Animal print clothing affects animals (Read more)
  11. Some campaigners believe the Asylum maze puts negative stigma on mental health issues (Read more)
  12. Oblivion will probably never stall (Read more: Ride Rater)
  13. A top secret method could eliminate queues forever (Read more)
  14. Welds on the track  regularly crack during the season (Read more: Ride Rater)
  15. More than 90% of visitors to Merlin attractions use a voucher (Read more: BBC)
  16. The composer of the unmistakable Alton Tower’s theme hated it (Read more)
  17. The supports on The Smiler are in the wrong place (Read more: Ride Rater)
  18. There is a UK theme park based entirely around diggers (Read more: BBC)
  19. Zoos cannot take in abandoned rabbits (Read more: Ride Rater)
  20. Thorpe Park aim to remove all queues from the park in the future (Read more)

What have you learnt this year? Let us know in the comments!