Lapland gone “Poundland”: Milton Keynes Event Cancelled

By Michael Mander

A Winter Wonderland event in Milton Keynes was cancelled after a blizzard of complaints.

poundland santa
Santa donned in a “Poundland” outfit.

Having paid £6 to visit Santa’s grotto, visitors were disappointed to discover Father Christmas was a “thin, young men dressed in Santa outfits from Poundland”.

Another parent claimed staff openly talked of hiring new Santas while children queued for hours in the cold.

On the first day of operation, Santa’s Grotto suffered a technical fault which left families waiting uncertainly outside in the bare fields of ‘wonderland’.

The MK wonderland also advertised a ‘real ice-rink’, however on arrival it was nothing more than plastic sheets.

ice rink
The “real” ice-rink

Even organiser Lorenzo Franco said he was sorry if anyone was “disappointed in any way”, adding that it was the firm’s “first event”.

Speaking to the BBC, he said: “I am very sorry to disappoint people. It was not my intention. It was meant to be family fun event.”

He claims over 200 people have received refunds.

The Papworth Trust, the event’s charity sponsor, have withdrawn their support for the event.

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