The Theme Park Quiz of the Year

By Michael Mander

It’s been a jam-packed year for the theme park industry – but how much can you remember? Pens and paper at the ready: it’s time for the Theme Park Quiz of the Year!

Round 1 – Special Announcements

Q1) Following the announcement of a revamped experience, which ride was described by a Facebook commenter as “a logistical nightmare”?

Q2) Where did Alton Towers unusually reveal the logo of The Smiler using specially recruited farmers?

Q3) What explanation was given for the change of X at Thorpe Park that lead to it going forward?

Q4) Oakwood recruited KD Theming Technologies to aid with the creation of what new land?

Q5) Which park announced a £1million Angry Birds Activity Park in March?

Q6) In August, a set of figures were created for a permanent exhibition in Madame Tussauds London. Who did the figures depict?

Answers at the end of quiz

Round 2 – Births, Deaths and Birthdays

Q1) Which leisure personality passed away in September?

Q2) In February, which UK attraction announced the arrival of Chambered Nautilus, Monocentris Japonica and some sexy shrimp?

Q3) What is the name of the new spinning coaster opened at Great Yarmouth in March?

Q4) Paulton’s Park were forced to delete the Facebook page of which popular children’s character, after a hacking left posts describing fans as “you little bi****s”?

Q5) The National Lobster Hatchery welcomed an unusual lobster in July this year. What colour was it?

Q6) How many dimensions do Minehead Butlins promise from their new simulator?

Round 3 – Breaking News

Q1) Which Chessington World of Adventures ride left 40 people stuck in their restraints until 7.30pm?

Q2) Lynne Skeels was quoted in many national newspapers thanks to a Tweet she tent. Which notorious event had she witnessed in July?

Q3) Following a major UK Storm in October, name one of the three UK parks that could not open.

Q4) What caused an evacuation of TH13TEEN, all mazes to stop operating and The Smiler to close on the very first day of Alton Tower’s Scarefest?

Q5) Which theme park was the first to adopt photo-sharing service Snapchat?

Q6) The editor of which UK Theme Park news site sparked debate when an article criticised the Asylum NO campaign?

Round 4 – Special Report

Q1) Airgates was the first media outlet to publish a report on the Asylum NO campaign. However, were the following individuals, organisations and websites Asylum NO or Asylum YES when we interviewed them:

  1. Sectioned
  2. ScareTourUK
  3. Katie Sutton
  4. Claire Thomas

Q2) In a special report that received mixed response: which park was accused of taking ‘A Joke Too Far’ by dropping bolts on the floor and telling riders to ‘Hold on tight!’?

Q3) According to the first of four ’10 Things’ reports, what links Edvard Grieg, King Ceolred of Mercia and 200 abandoned gnomes?

Q4) In a children’s book entitled ‘Roller Coaster’, by David Glover, which type of roller coasters were claimed to have caused many fatal accidents, commonly caught on fire and now be banned in the UK?

Q5) In the special report ‘Are British Theme Parks the Best in the World?’, what were UK parks said to lack?

Q6) In a special ‘talkthrough’ review, which ride was described as “a true blast of nostalga for the many fans of the original film that started it all”?

Round 5 – Picture Round

Decipher the pictures to reveal an Airgates headline of 2013:

Round 6 – Missing Word

Fill in the blank of each of these Airgates headlines from 2013:

Q1) The __ Leaves Many Frowning

Q2) From __ to Resort as accommodation permission is gained

Q3) ‘__ Print’ Clothing Banned by Chessington

Q4/5) Thorpe Park Trial ‘__ and __’

Q6) __ Theme Park Halloween Interview

R1 Answers

Q1) The Swarm

Q2) On sheep

Q3) Limit rider sickness

Q4) Neverland

Q5) Lightwater Valley

Q6) One Direction

R2 Answers

Q1) George Bryan 

Q2) Sea-Life, Southend-on-Sea

Q3) Family Star

Q4) Peppa Pig

Q5) Bright Orange

Q6) Six

R3 Answers

Q1) Rameses Revenge

Q2) The Smiler ‘bolt incident’

Q3) Pleasurewood Hills, Drusillas Park or Brean Leisure Park

Q4) Park-wide power cut

Q5) Pleasurewood Hills

Q6) RideRater

R4 Answers


  1. Sectioned – Asylum NO
  2. ScareTourUK – Asylum YES
  3. Katie Sutton – Asylum NO
  4. Claire Thomas – Asylum YES

Q2) Oakwood

Q3) Alton Towers

Q4) Wooden coasters

Q5) Innovation

Q6) Wallace and Gromit: Thrill-O-Matic

R5 Answer

Lego – O – Land – Traffic – Kay – Oz

Legoland Traffic ‘Chaos’

R6 Answers

Q1) Smiler

Q2) Valley

Q3) Animal

Q4) Reserve

Q5) Ride

Q6) Fake