Wheel falls from Smiler and Injures Rider

By Michael Mander

Yesterday, multiple guide wheels came off The Smiler: one of which injured a guest.

The incident occurred yesterday, and today it has been discovered that a person was injured.

As a result of the incident, the £18 million coaster has been closed once again.

A spokesperson described some “small guide wheels” falling off the coaster, one of which “hit a guest on the ride and caused some bruising”.

The spokesperson added: “We have very stringent safety procedures on all of our rides including CCTV so the ride was stopped immediately by the rides team.

“All of our rides and attractions are expected to meet extremely high standards, technologically, mechanically and in terms of the end experience, and a full investigation is on going before we determine whether to re-open the ride.

The injured person was looked after on-site by staff.

Speaking to theme park news site RideRater, eyewitness Ben Green described a woman in front of him being “hit in the face” by what appeared to be “a ring”

“They appeared to be some sort of rubber tyre. The woman was injured and removed from the ride covered in blood.”

This incident follows a breakdown on a press day, which leaving celebrities including Tinchy Strider stuck; a bolt falling from the track and another shut down in August due to a technical issue.