Tension as Ride Rater editor criticizes Asylum NO Campaign

By Michael Mander

The debate continues: is it okay to base horror mazes on mental health?

One person standing out and saying yes is Tom Green, editor of Ride Rater.

In an article on the theme park news website, Tom described the campaign as “a jump to a farfetched conclusion.”

He went on to say campaigners were making “a giant generalisation of mental health issues.”

“We are speaking about very specific depictions of highly dangerous psychopaths – a subject which has fascinated and terrified people throughout history.”

“Criticism that has been aimed at Thorpe Park is inadvertently based on the very stigma it is trying to end – that all suffering from mental health would act in this way.”

The article lead to a furious Twitter debate between Ride Rater’s site team and Asylum NO campaigners.

Sectioned, a prolific mental health Tweeter, said “Here’s RideRater theme park news on why it’s OK to demonise & ridicule a vulnerable group for fun & profit”

Joey, a Twitter user, defended Ride Rater, saying: “I appreciate the show of individuality and opinions in your content, guys.”

Katie Sutton, who initiated the Twitter campaign, criticized the articles content: saying she didn’t recall the claims within the article that Asylum intended to end the stigma.

Sectioned concluded the argument, asking: “Do you really want to be known as part of the last wave of desperate people who tried to defend the indefensible?”

The campaign to remove or retheme Asylum at Thorpe Park for its stigmatization of people with mental illness, was brought to the public eye in an Airgates article earlier this week.

There has been much debate on Twitter, using the hashtags #AsylumNO and #AsylumOK.

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