Power cut at Alton Towers closes most of the park

By Michael Mander
[notice] This is a developing story, and so some information may be inaccurate. Alton Towers have declined to comment, so all information is based on guest reports. [/notice]

Alton Towers suffered a power cut on 19th October, affecting much of the park.

Rides and mazes were unavailable during the power cut, which we believe lasted over an hour.

Twitter users complained of a lack of information and large queues, but Alton Towers are yet to comment.

The TH13TEEN queue line was evacuated, and The Smiler was closed until power was restored. All mazes stopped operating.

Areas around the Towers and Katanga Canyon were the first to restore power, with the rest of the park following. All power was restored by 6pm.

As far as we are aware, no one was stuck on any rides for prolonged periods of time.

The power cut has occurred on the first day of Scarefest, and will be an early blow to the park.

The screens in Burger King rebooting. (image source: Towers Nerd)
The Smiler closed (Image source: Towers Nerd)