New Book Describes Alton Towers History

By Michael Mander

A new book, released by ThemeParkTourist owner Nick Sim, offers an insight into the creation of Britain’s most popular theme park: Alton Towers.

The book was released publicly on Amazon, for Kindle or paperback.

When Nick Sim’s health took a turn for the worst, all of the future plans he’d put aside had to be prioritized. Alongside running a marathon and visiting Disneyland Tokyo, one of these plans was to write a book about the history of Alton Towers.

While in reality, this is a work of non-fiction, recounting true events and factual details, it captivates and engages  reader like a fantasy story: dragging the reader into a story of twists and turns: from Slain Hollow to Toyland Tours, The Alton Towers Fete in 1894 to the Secret Weapons.

The book adds a new depth to the Alton Towers experience, and is a must-read for any park fan.