Adventure Island’s New Promotional Video

By Michael Mander

Adventure Island’s newest promotional trailer combines live action with animated characters, and has proved popular. See some of the concept artwork and read the process of animation.

This video was animated by Aaron Foster and produced by The White Bus.

Aaron described the process of creating the video: “When we first started planning, I doodled up a rough storyboard which we used as a basis to film the scenes. When all the filming was done we edited the clips together and I started to do rough, basic animation of the characters over the top of the film footage.”

“Once that was done for the whole film it was approved and I went ahead with full animation production. I illustrated the final versions of the characters over the top of the rough versions, with any part of a characters body that move drawn on a separate layer so it can be animated on separate layers.”
Concept art: Snappy (click any image to view larger)

“In total there were around 400 elements illustrated, including many various poses and expression for Snappy the Crocodile and Captain Rage Man, faces and hands on the rides that sprung to life, effects like magic, fire and drool, ghosts, a cat atop the Crooked House, Devil’s Creek demons and Blackbeard the Pirate, the star of a ride from the parks past that travels back with snappy on the latest ride the Time Machine.”

Concept art: Rage Man
“All these elements were assembled in the animation software Flash where they were animated on top of the live action film just like the rough animation was.”

“I had done similar work like this, combining live action with animated characters, for the Southend Film Festival with the White Bus in the past few years, though none of those were quite to the same scale as this, only being around 20 seconds while this film is almost 3 minutes long and needed to be produced in around the same time frame if not quicker to get it done in time for the summer holidays, so it was a lot of morning till late night marathons working on this to get it complete on time.”

Concept art: Devils Creek Goldmine (click any image to view larger)

“Doing the shots where the props on rides like the over the hill gatekeeper were quite a challenge as the animated elements had to blend in with the live action more so than characters like Snappy and Rageman did, so they took some experimenting with shading techniques to get the effect I desired. Rageman was probably the most complex character to animate, he had a lot more elements to him than any other character in the film so his scenes took the longest to produce. “

Adv Island Concept art
Concept art: Taking a spin on Archelon! (click any image to view larger)

More pictures from the process. Click any image for a larger version.





And here’s the finished product!

And here is a look at how the concept art translated to the finished movie. Click images to view larger.

Thank you to Adventure Island, Aaron Foster and The White Bus for providing us with and allowing us to use this content.