10 Things: Thorpe Park

Ten Things you didn’t know about Thorpe Park

  1. It was a former mineral site. Like Cotswold Water Park, it was transformed from a mineral site to a major tourist destination.
  2. To prevent BO, Thorpe Park enforced a ban on raising arms on rides, handed out deodorant to smelly visitors and asked sweaty riders to move to the back of the car.
    Say NO to BO!
  3. In 2008, visitors left 150 litres of sick at the park. Rhys Owens was employed specifically to clean up sick. It was the first time a theme park had to employ a vomit collector.
  4. Karl Anderson and Gaynor Cooper exchanged vows and got married at the bottom of Saw: The Ride in their newly-dead themed wedding.
    ‘You may now kiss the Briiii-aaaahhhhhhh!’
  5. Bosses of Thorpe Park offered £500 to whoever submitted the most pungent smelling urine.  The smell was to be recreated in Saw Alive.
  6. The record for most naked people was once broken on Nemesis Inferno. Since then, it has been beat by Adventure Island.
    Nemesis in the nude
  7. The number of people visiting the park is decreasing. In 2011, there were 2million visitors. In 2012 there were 1.8m.
  8. The park was first owned by Lord Mountbatten.
  9. There are 33 rides at Thorpe Park, the most expensive to build was The Swarm at £20 million.
  10. A model of Jedward was displayed and controversially burned at the 2011 firework display, which concluded with the park blowing up a firework engine.