Overflowing Pipes and Call Centres: 2 Stories you may have Missed

Everything is overflowing at Drusillas and Gulliver’s: read two news stories that may have slipped through the cracks.

Burst Water Pipe Shuts Drusillas

Drusillas Park suffered a burst water pipe on 25th July and were forced to shut the park.

South East Water gave the very broad estimate of 2-6 hours, but fortunately it only took 2.

The park opened at 12, and the scheduled ‘Meet Peppa Pig’ event was pushed back to 12.30, 2.30 and 3.30.

Drusillas offered everyone half price tickets, though it wasn’t enough for some who had decided to head home as soon as the park announced it would be closed for up to six hours.

Frustrated guests took to Twitter, but Drusillas stood their ground and explained nothing more could be done about the situation.

Demand for Royal Discount is too much for Gulliver’s 

Gulliver’s decided to honour the birth of the Royal Baby George by selling child’s tickets for just £8.06 (in honour of his weight).

Phone lines were opened until midnight for people to claim their tickets.

Unfortunately, revealed in a string of Tweets this morning, Gulliver’s could not cope with the demand just before the midnight cut-off, and many people’s calls did not get through.

Gulliver’s assures guests they can still get the discount if they called last night, which is available by ringing a hotline.