The Future of Days Out

By Michael Mander

In ten years time, every element of our days out to theme parks and UK attractions may be radically different, and certain organisations are already paving the way to the future.


Waterproof, durable and comfortable: IDME wristbands are placed on the wrists of young children and contain emergency contact details should they get separated from parents. It gives peace of mind on long days out or trips to theme parks. Each wristband costs 13 euros.


‘Don’t Get Stuck in the Queues’ the motto states. Speaking to Airgates, the founder described the product as “a format to speed up waiting times” but gave no more away. According to him, this new concept can be used in theme parks and other attraction industries and marks the end of queueing as we know it. He hopes it will be implemented in a UK supermarket brand soon.

Rain Tech

Keeping you warm and dry with two new revolutionary systems: Omni-Heat® regulates your temperature by reflecting and retaining the warmth your body generates, and Omni-Tech® uses special material to keep water out, still allowing water vapour to escape. As well as these ‘revolutionary’ new ideas, this 120 euro coat also boasts underarm venting and security pockets: making water rides and rainy days out even better,

RFID Ticketing

Slightly more long term, but still innovative, the USC Cinematic Arts believes that in the not-so-far future every animatronic and staff member will know your name and where you’ve been and come from using RFID Ticketing. This means that Jigsaw, in Saw the Ride, could address all the riders by name as they drive through. Very exciting, but we shouldn’t be expecting it any time soon.

Magic Ears

Implemented in Disneyland Paris, infra-red technology has been used to make firework displays and shows even more interactive. Glowing ears on Mickey Mouse hats light up in time with the firework show, showing matching colours and even utilizing the heads of the crowds to make patterns and waves.