A New Ride for Pleasure Beach?

By Michael Mander

Rumours of a new ride at Pleasure Beach are circulating like wild fire among park-goers and staff.

The rumours, triggered by the repainting of the old Bumper Boats island, suggest that Ice Blast is being moved to the unoccupied site and a new ride will take the place of Ice Blast.

Forum user G-Mac says, on Club Pleasure Beach Experience, it would be a worthwhile investment to free up space in the “prime ride location, being right next to the entrance”.

Ice Blast is a 210ft Space Shot ride, shooting the riders up the tower and allowing gravity to pull them down.

Rumours also suggest the location of Ice Blast will be filled by a WindSeeker, a tall swing ride.

Others suggest the painting of the island is nothing more than cosmetic: it is not making way for a new ride. The cost of moving Ice Blast is also a factor many are considering to mean it is unlikely to go ahead.

(Image Courtesy Scott, Pleasure Beach Experience Owner) Showing the markings and easy access bridge leading many to believe a new ride is on the way.