STUCK: 40 people trapped in Chessington Ride

By Michael Mander

About 40 people as young as 8 years old were stuck on Chessington’s most thrilling ride until 7.30.

The fire brigade were called at 5pm in the Surrey theme park after a mechanical fault caused the seats on Rameses Revenge to lock.

About 40 riders were stranded 20ft in the air. Based on the 1.4m height restriction, it has been assumed that children as young as 8 could have been on the ride – but no younger.

Fire Station manager Justin Coo said:

“No injuries have been reported though a few people are understandably a bit uncomfortable as they had been stuck for some time.”

“We had to cut people out of their restraints, walk them down the ride and help them down a ladder to ground level.”

Rameses Revenge Chessington Incident
An on board rider captured the moment emergency services started freeing riders         Source: Sky News


In a statement, Chessington apologized for the incident: “Chessington World of Adventures apologises to all guests for the incident that occurred with the Rameses Ride yesterday afternoon, and for the discomfort and inconvenience caused to those who were on the ride at the time. ”

“Safety is always our primary concern and our park team immediately implemented the well-rehearsed protocols.   Initial attempts to bring the ride down were not successful and the Fire Brigade was called to assist and arrived on the park within seven minutes.   We are very pleased to report that the evacuation was completed by 7.30pm and that no one was hurt during the incident.   The park team was in contact with the guests on the ride throughout the delay and all the guests involved and their families were looked after by the park team after the evacuation.”

“The ride will remain closed while investigations take place into the cause of the stoppage and any required remedial work is completed.”