“Absolute Lunacy”: Legoland Traffic ‘Chaos’

By Michael Mander

During the last half term, Legoland received criticism for its handling of traffic flow.

The Berkshire theme park has been under fire from residents and the local council for the way it handles the large quantity of visitors getting in and out of the park on busy days.

Speaking on Trip Advisor, Chillyj159 said: “We stayed until the end to get a full day in and it took over an hour to get to the park gates.”

“At the end of the day [the car park] becomes a free for all with people jibbing in, arguing. It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

“There were no staff anywhere to add any sort of control to the proceedings and it really lets the park down.”

During the half term week, Legoland was over-capacity and had to refuse entry to some guests. This, as well as the ‘chaotic’ traffic at the start and end of the day, has lead many residents of Windsor to suggest Legoland adopt a ‘pre-booking only’ system.

Speaking to the BBC, Andrew Griffiths (who was at Legoland during the half term) described the ‘absolute lunacy’ he experienced trying to get into the park:

“We were sat in traffic for two hours – my daughter had a complete meltdown in the car and it was heart-breaking for my son”

Many residents support Legoland Windsor for bringing tourists into the local area, but all agree that it interferes with local businesses and makes it harder for them to get around.

Now, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead will be involved in ‘crisis talks’ with Legoland to try and resolve the issues with traffic.


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