Drusillas Bamboo Appeal

By Michael Mander

Drusillas Park has made a Twitter appeal for bamboo.

Drusillas, a small zoo in Sussex, took to Twitter to ask for any bamboo their followers no longer require.

The bamboo will be used to feed their new Red Pandas: Tibao and Mulan.

Tibao was born in 2011, in Asson Zoo in France, and has been in quarantine since July. It took him a couple of weeks to settle in properly, but his confidence has since grown tremendously. He joined the park’s line up this Easter.

Tibao (photo courtesy Drusillas Park)

In searching for a mate for Tibao, the park was given Mulan. Mark Kenward, the Head Keeper, travelled to Devon to collect the 8 month old Red Panda. It is hoped that the pair will have a baby Red Panda of their own.

A Red Panda’s diet mainly consists of bamboo – though they are sure to only eat the youngest, most tender shoots. Unlike other pandas, a Red Panda chews the bamboo thoroughly. On average, Tibao consumes 1kg of bamboo a day, and black bamboo is his favourite.