The Smiler: Your Views

By Michael Mander

The Smiler

Following the opening of The Smiler, people have been eager to share their experiences.


Alton Towers’ latest investment The Smiler has been met with mixed views. Following continued delays prior to soft opening, the rollercoaster has created a vivid conversation on social networking sites.

Here is a selection of tweets from riders of the new Β£18 million investment.

Going off the selection above, opinions are pretty much a mixed bag. Many people loved the ride experience – but the major concern brought up was queue length. At its peak, The Smiler attracted queues of 180 minutes (according to
While some people didn’t like the ride – the overall view was that it was a thrilling and fantastic experience (although very scary!).

I was surprised not to find many Tweets about it being nauseous. I was very much expecting the ride to make every smiling advocate a smiling, vomiting machine!

Airgates’ word of advice: many riders also advised that the single rider queue was much faster than the main queue. If you don’t mind parting from your group, get in the single rider queue and save yourself a lot of time!

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